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Reconstructive Surgery & Sports Medicine in Winchester, VA

Special areas such as diabetic foot care, reconstructive surgery, and sports medicine are just a few of the many specialties of the medical staff at Shenandoah Foot & Ankle Center in Winchester, VA.
Diabetic Foot Care
Our diabetic foot care including treatment of neuropathy, wound care, limb salvage, and care of Charcot's foot, which is a breakdown of a joint in the foot. We use custom shoes and medication as well as surgery when indicated. We provide our patients with information about prevention and diabetic foot.
Reconstructive Surgery
Our practice handles many procedures ranging from issues such as hammertoes and bunions to complex reconstructive foot and ankle procedures. The advanced surgical techniques utilized by our staff are perfect for flat feet, arthritic conditions, defective tendons, and heel pain. Don't suffer a minute longer than you have to because we can help!
Foot And Ankle Care | Winchester, VA
Sports Medicine
We provide both preventative techniques and treatment of injuries stemming from athletic training or performance. We also handle all injuries related to ankle and foot trauma, as well as assisting patients with rehabilitation programs. Arthroscopic surgeries are also available.
Palliative Care
This area of care deals with things like ingrown nails, calluses, and warts. Orthotics, special inserts for feet, are also available. Our staff is also equipped to perform ultrasounds, digital X rays.
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